Ways to increase the milk production of Holstein cows

There are many ways to increase cow’s milk, which are effective in the discussion of increasing lactation, we will describe each of them below:

Cattle feeding

A cow is an animal with one rumen, which has billions of microorganisms, and by changing the food ration or increasing the food ration, the amount of this rumen will be affected, and this issue will be harmful. Therefore, to feed dairy cows during drought, concentrate can be used in addition to food to compensate for the lack of rations, but sudden feeding of dairy cows also brings harm.

In this chapter, in the field of examining newborn cows, it is possible to raise the duration of milk increase up to 4 months after giving birth. After 4 months, it is very important to take care of the proper food plan to prevent disease in the discussion of milk increase. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the amount of food ration consumed along with the concentrate, which is a vitamin and mineral substance, in the discussion of compensating the lack of food to lactating cows. In this context, it is very important to observe the following 3 points in the discussion of the classification of new-born and high-producing cows:

1- Increasing the daily consumption between 4 and 9 kg of dairy cow concentrate after 4 months of giving birth.

2- Using a suitable location with sufficient ventilation is also very effective in this field

3- Eating 3 to 12 kg of niacin to reduce ketone bodies in the blood of cows

Of course, it is possible to consume other foods in this field besides the concentrate. Of course, in the discussion of concentrate consumption, you should also note that not only the quantity is important, but the quality is also very effective in this field.

Increasing the frequency of cattle feeding

By giving a high amount of ration to the cow, the fat storage in the rumen increases, which itself causes a decrease in the milking of the cow, and this issue has led to the discussion of increasing the frequency of feeding the cow. By giving a high number of meals, the number of feeding meals will certainly increase, and as a result, rumen fat will not be discussed, and eventually you will increase the amount of milk.

 – Choosing the right breed

There are different breeds of cows in the world, which are divided into two categories: meat and dairy, so to produce milk from cows, it is better to buy dairy cows and breed them. It is absolutely mandatory.

Livestock vaccination should be done on time so that the cow’s body system is resistant to the disease.

Have enough information about common cow diseases such as milk fever, ketosis, acidosis so that you can treat them quickly if you get sick.

Cow nutrition management, such as type of fodder and concentrate, supplements, both quantity and quality, has a great effect on increasing cow’s milk.

It is definitely more effective to choose the breed of dairy cows to produce more milk.

New born and productive cows are very important

Up to four months after giving birth, there is an increase in milk production, so it is very important to carefully check newborn and high-yielding cows and give them a good ration so that you can get the most productivity from them. Taking care of the diet of these cows can keep them healthy against all kinds of metabolic diseases such as milk fever, ketosis, acidosis, displacement of udders and fatty liver.

The daily consumption of concentrate should be increased between 4.5 and 9 kg.

For better and easy digestion, use high-quality fodder.

Adding fat or oil in the amount of 4.5 to 9 kg in the cow’s diet will increase the cow’s energy and produce more milk.

Consider as much as possible a comfortable and freestyle position for each cow.

The ventilation of the animal place should be perfect so that the animal does not suffer from heatstroke.

Increasing the frequency of cow milking

In the field of milking, cow farmers usually do this in two stages with a time interval of 10 to 14, 8 to 16 hours or 9 to 15 hours, which is somehow effective in increasing lactation. But according to research in this field, by milking cow’s milk more than twice, you can achieve an increase in the amount of cow’s milk.

In the survey of three herds in California in 1986, it was found that the farms that milked 3 times a day had 4/19% cows with one stomach, 5/13% with two stomachs, 7/11% with three stomachs, and four stomach cows. They produced 4/13% more milk than 2 milkings. In another study conducted in California, it was found that after increasing the number of times of milking, the production in the cows increased by 12% and the production in the whole period increased by 14%.

Diet quality

Regarding the quality of the ration, the first important point is to use 55% fodder with 45% concentrate to meet the needs of dairy cows for proper nutrition. Feeding dairy cows with mineral supplements, vitamins and fat is the most important factor in increasing cow’s milk, which is of high quality and provides energy, minerals and vitamins needed in nutrition. Although the consumption of quality feed and fodder can provide the necessary vitamins for the health of cows, but in case of a decrease in the quantity or quality, in this regard, the use of dairy cow concentrate containing Dinalac and Omega 3 supplements from UFAC, England, and palmitic acid fat powder from DUA KUDA Indonesia, which provides energy and required fatty acids and vitamin supplements that provide all types of vitamins, is recommended.

Dairy cow fat supplement

To prepare a dairy cow fat supplement to increase cow milk, you can use the commercial dinalac and omega 3 fat supplement produced by UFAC company in England and palmitic acid fat powder produced by DUA KUDA company in Indonesia. Dear buyers, buy in person or online. Also, communication with advice and support in this store in order to obtain guidance is also available for buyers in the field of purchasing Dynalac and Omega-3 fat supplements and fat powder.

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