Use of fat supplement in animal feed

Animal husbandry is a highly competitive industry. The low profit margin in this industry makes every factor that affects the return to be reviewed. There is a clear connection between nutrition, health and productivity of livestock. However, nutritional balance is not easy. In addition, feeding too little or too much nutrients will endanger the health of the animal.

 Food supply, as the most important factor of life after weather, has been one of the concerns of mankind since the beginning of creation until now. With the expansion of human civilization and the growth of science, nutrition has also found its special place. Today, nutrition scientists and researchers conduct a lot of research in scientific centers and well-equipped laboratories to increase the quality of consumed food, add its beneficial biological properties and reduce production costs. Meat, milk, eggs and animal products derived from them are important products that play a significant role in human nutrition and mankind has always needed them since the beginning of creation. In order to improve the quantity and quality of the production of these products, scientists have designed breeding systems with the help of genetics. One of the essentials to draw conclusions in breeding systems is to provide proper nutrition in livestock, poultry and aquatic animals. For this purpose, the traces of feed supplements for livestock, poultry and aquatic animals, along with the main inputs, have been charted in this industry.

Livestock and poultry feed supplements are compounds that are used in animal rations in order to eliminate nutritional deficiencies and better digest and absorb basic ration compounds.

 For this reason, Rushd Daneh Khavaran company has provided quality fat powder supplements, which has resulted in the satisfaction of the livestock farmers who have used this food supplement.

 What is fat powder?

Most of the fats in nature are in the form of triglycerides. In triglyceride, 3 fatty acids are attached to glycerol. Therefore, most fats are composed of fatty acids,

Fatty acids are long chains of carbon (C), hydrogen (H) and oxygen atoms (O). Different fatty acids have different chain lengths. All fats are composed of fatty acids, which primarily determine the properties of the fat. These properties, such as nutritional value, are solid and liquid at room temperature. By knowing the type of fatty acids, it is possible to express the nutritional properties of fat supplements.

Fat supplements are one of the vital components of livestock and poultry diets. These supplements are used in the form of oilseed meal, hydrogenated oil and fat powder. Fat powders, which are calcium salts of fatty acids, are produced in a chemical process using stirred reactors. The direct method is carried out using CaO at high temperature and pressure.

All kinds of vegetable and animal fats can be used to produce fat powder.

Fat metabolism energy is three times that of grain and unlike grain, fat does not waste energy.

If the amount of palmitic acid in fat powder is high, its nutritional value will be highe

Fat powder is a type of nutrient, just like carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients. It is an essential part of daily nutrition. Fats are made of fatty acids, which may be saturated or unsaturated. The double bond makes a fatty acid unsaturated.

Unsaturated fatty acid

Saturated fatty acid

The reason for using fats in animal nutrition

Fats are an essential nutrient for all animals and key to animal nutrition, livestock cannot survive without them. There are also a number of fats that provide specific additional benefits that can increase productivity in the herd.

The right time to use fat and providing the right fat for livestock can have many benefits, including:

– Providing enough energy to increase milk production and body condition score (BCS)

-Improving fertility and pregnancy

– Reduction of thermal stress

– Prevention of metabolic diseases

– Increasing water consumption

– Increasing fat absorption

Fat is an important nutrient that supports a variety of biological functions. The animal cannot live without it. However, some fat supplements offer a number of additional benefits, which can increase productivity in the herd.

Unrivaled energy supply: Fat has 8 times the energy of grains and is an energy powerhouse. It has the highest energy density rating. No combination is more effective than fat for energy deficiency. This means that you can eat fat at any time. But when there is a lack of animal energy or to prevent BCS drop, the importance of using it increases. Dairy cows need fat supplements for milk production, fertility and overall efficiency. For example, in newborn cows, due to the decrease in feed consumption, milk production faces a lack of energy. For this reason, the animal uses body fat to provide energy, which will reduce BCS. Fats are the ideal supplement for this period. Fat supplementation increases energy concentration without increasing rumen acids.

Some animals suffer from heat stress and produce a lot of heat when digesting high fiber and starch. In this case, granular feeds (cereals) reduce the amount of food consumption, which reduces the growth rate.

Therefore, by using fat powder, the effect of this condition is reduced in hot and humid conditions.

Adding fat helps to increase the energy density in the animal’s diet. This energy density is very important for animals, especially for lactating cows in the early stages of lactation. Because the animals are weakened by little feeding in the first months of lactation. During lactation, the lactating cow cannot receive enough energy in each meal, and as a result, a negative energy balance occurs. This negative balance causes the stored fat of the lactating cow’s body to burn and reduce the weight. If this situation continues, the health status and fertility of the animal will be endangered.

As a result, the main way to compensate for the negative energy balance is to increase the energy density of the ration in each meal

Using the right fat powder at the right time can lead to the greatest benefit from dairy cows.

Dinalac and Omega 3 fat supplements produced by UFAC UK have all the essential fats for animal nutrition and have been proven to increase animal productivity.

How much fat powder do dairy cows need?

As with any forage diet, balance is the key to success. With most animal feeds, fats are released in the rumen and can cause a softening with oil that coats the fiber in the rumen and prevents rumen bacteria from breaking it down.Dairy cows may have more than 6% fat in the dry matter. They need to maintain their body condition and productivity. However, the issue here is that feeding above 3.5% fat in dry matter can cause serious health conditions, damage to the rumen or digestive performance of the herd.

The solution to this problem is to include protected rumen fats in your animal feed.

The edible and protected rumen fat powder supplements of Roshddaneh Khavaran Company allow you to safely increase the fat consumption of your herd without the malnutrition effects of excessive rumen fat.

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