Omega 3 supplement product of UK UFAC company

The omega-3 supplement produced by UFAC UK is a fatty acid supplement that is essential for improving the fertility, health, production and reproductive performance of dairy cows.

The omega-3 supplement produced by UFAC UK is a natural source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA. This product is rich in fish oil, which passes through the rumen with coating technology and is absorbed in the intestine in a slow release form. Omega-3 fatty acids in dairy cows prevent prostaglandin production and hormonal imbalance. As a result, it reduces the secretion of progesterone and is effective in preparing the uterus for conception. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the energy demand in the animal and because they are naturally lipogenic, they reduce the negative energy balance during the transition period.

The benefits of passing omega-3 product of UFAC UK company:

1-Available source of EPA/DHA

2-Increase milk production

3-Improving the quantity and quality of sperm and improving the pregnancy rate

4-Increasing reproductive performance, increasing embryo survival

5-Reducing the birth interval

6-Improving the health of animals and the performance of the animal’s immune system

7-Anti-inflammatory properties

8-Improve feed intake

9-Optimal usability in industrial and traditional cattle farms

The use of omega-3 supplements produced by UFAC UK as a rich source of omega-3 balances the ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 and provides sources of long-chain fatty acids DHA and EPA, which are not found in any vegetable oil, in animal feed. provide.

Omega-3 protected fat consumption guide, product of UK UFAC company

When using protected fat, we will have a better ration for dairy cows by observing the following principles. The required amount of fat depends on various factors.

These factors include:

1-Milk production rate

2-Milk fat percentage

3-The amount of oilseeds used in the diet

4-The number of days of milking cows

For ruminants, sudden changes in diet are not tolerated. Therefore, it is recommended to replace protected fat (or any other ingredient) gradually. In this case, the incidence of animal reaction to the changes made in the ration is reduced.

In order to get better results from fat nutrition, it is necessary to observe some points. In addition to using protected fats, other sources of fats such as oil seeds should also be used. Of course, it is important to note that the amount of free fat in the diet should not exceed 3%.

Practical tips for taking fat supplements

The protective mechanism in fat supplementation is the binding of fatty acids to calcium. This mechanism is the only way to protect the unsaturated fatty acids in the rumen. Exposure to the acid in milk will lead to the release of fatty acid. Therefore, it is recommended that the breeder use 170 to 200 grams of sodium bicarbonate in the food ration per head of livestock. This makes rumen pH not lower than 5. It will also be effective in further protecting fat and improving the nutritional efficiency of livestock.

UFAC UK’s Rumen Protected Oral Omega-3 Supplement, supplied by Roshdaneh Khavaran, allows you to safely increase your herd’s fat intake without the effects of excessive rumen fat malnutrition.

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