Our perspective is on Horizon 1400:

  • Establish a position of Khavaran seed growers as the market leader and the first choice of customers in the complementary and complementary Iranian feed and poultry industry.
  • As a pioneering company with targeted investment in the R & D department, we focus on the value of our products to make our products as a reference and source of applied science and technology in our field of products.
  • Our products are in terms of quality standards. Guarantee the title of the best-known market for well-known livestock and poultry and business customers’ profitability.
  • As a model of a professional business and one of the five valuable and valuable brands in the livestock and poultry industry of the country is from the standpoint of the industry’s activists.
  • As the first and largest exporter of livestock and poultry additives in the country.
  • By providing a great environment for building decent people and helping them advance, we’ll be the first choice for top employees to work together.

In this way, we adhere to the following principles and values:

  • Positive thinking and excellence
  • Integrity and integrity in all matters and compete in a healthy environment
  • Observing ethics, behavior, speech and professional coverage
  • Commitment to teamwork and the collective interest of individual interests, Full efforts to protect the interests of customers and all stakeholders.
  • Learning, innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Loyalty and dedication In line with the ideals and goals of the Vivan Group
  • Work hard and cleverly
  • Respect and respect for all human beings, especially customers and partners
  • Differentiation, thinking differently And act differently
  • Designing for the brand and brand of the company and commitment to carry out the responsibilities of Brand Social Networking