feed processing

A) Flaking: Today, grinding barley and other corn is obsolete by using a flaking machine and steam. First, the barley is cooked in a tank with a temperature of 130 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 18-20% for one hour, and after cooking, it is cooked in a waltz machine. It is passed in the form of flakes, and in this way, 850 grams of flaked barley has the nutritional value of one kilogram of barley.

B) Extruding: Today, in the livestock and poultry feed industry, meal is used for livestock consumption by the extraction method. In this method, the seed oil, which is rich in energy, is separated, and the meal, which contains protein, is separately used as animal feed. but today he grinds soybeans, canola, sunflower and flax seeds using an extruder machine and then enters the extruder machine, where it is cooked under the influence of a temperature of 130 degrees and a vacuum, and its oil and protein are also provided to livestock. It is also effective in raising the conversion rate of poultry and in the production of milk and meat.

C) Expander: As the raw materials of animal feed enter the animal feed during collection from the farm and transportation and as a result of the production of contamination such as bacteria, viruses, salmonella, fungi, the contamination entering the animal body through food has consequences. Livestock weight loss, loss of meat and milk production, endangers human health. Here, it is necessary to enter the expander machine after the complete production of livestock and poultry feed and produce food free from any kind of contamination due to cooking under heat and pressure conditions. and transported to animal husbandry, of course, the pollution after the production stage should be taken into account, because in the factory, we have to eliminate the pollution during harvesting, transportation and production in the factory.

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