Features a good chicken and quality

1- Chickens are alert, lively and refreshing and respond well to stimuli (such as sound and light, etc.).

2- The umbilical cord is completely closed and there are no signs of ulcer in it and it does not have a swelling.

3- Chicken crackers are soft, clear, dry and not soaky.

4- The legs are yellow, transparent and free of any contamination.

5- Coloac (a chamber where the portions of the administrative, gastrointestinal and endodontic channels of the birds end there and excreted in this place of stool and urine). Healthy, natural without any dirt.

6- The chicken’s belly is soft and not dense and tight and swollen.

7- In the joint area of ​​the rabbit, no swelling, flushing and ulcers are observed.

8- The eyes are shiny.

9- Chickens have good weight.

10- The tips are completely overlapping and are normal in shape

11- The claws are healthy and free of any torsion or shrinkage.

12- There are no genetic defects in the chicken.

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