Dynalc fat supplement product of UK UFAC company

By preparing the right vegetable fat supplement at the right time and using it in the diet, you can get the most out of your dairy cows. Dairy cows need a lot of energy for healthy growth and optimal milk production. One of the main reasons for feeding and using animal vegetable fat supplements is to increase energy consumption.

The energy content of animal supplements greatly affects the level of milk production. Providing proper animal fat nutrition significantly minimizes the cost per ton of feed consumed.

Dinalac supplement, a product of ufac UK company, unlike fat powder, is formulated from vegetable oil with high digestibility for dairy cows in such a way that it supplies the energy needed by livestock and causes a maximum increase in production and high economic productivity.

milk production

One of the important benefits of animal fat supplement feeding is the increase in milk production.

Also, feeding animal fat supplements helps to increase the amount of milk protein whenever the amount of energy is reduced. Feeding with correctly produced bypassed vegetable fat supplement will help to achieve significant economic benefits, especially for large livestock, it is recommended that the feed intake be balanced to reach the desired energy consumption in the minimum time .

The energy concentration and cost of feeding animal vegetable fat supplements primarily depend on the digestibility of the fat supplement. Bypass rumen fat is highly preferred by many livestock farmers due to its excellent digestibility by various types of animals.

As an excellent dietary source of animal fat, bypassed vegetable fat supplementation offers important advantages in terms of cost, energy value, and specific fatty acid composition. Also, if you want ease of use and combination with diets, rumen bypass fat is an ideal option.

Due to the physical and chemical structure of the used oils, Dinalak fat supplement passes through the rumen and has a very high digestion rate in the small intestine.


Ruminal bypass fat has been proven to increase fertility. Also, animal fat feeding promotes growth in heifers and young cows and helps to achieve general animal health. If for young cows, you want to increase the length of the lactation period, it is recommended to use Dynalac supplement, a product of ufac UK.

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