Application of sunflower oil in poultry and poultry

What is sunflower meal? Is the use of this product in animal feed and poultry, given its cost for livestock and poultry, is economical?

Sunflower oil is a byproduct of sunflower seed oiling process, which can be used as an ideal product for animal feed and poultry.

Since the prices of oilseed meal on the market are based on their protein content, thus, compared to sunflower meal with soybean meal, the economics and utility of this product are more than ever evident, which can be as An appropriate alternative is to replace the diet of livestock and poultry.

Application of sunflower oil in poultry and poultry

Sunflower meal is one of the four oilseed meals produced worldwide and used in animal feed and poultry feed. Sunflower meal has a high potential in the diet of ruminants and non-ruminants as a protein supplier. This product can replace soy meal in livestock diets. Also, sunflower meal with lower fiber content and higher protein can be used in poultry diet.

One of the benefits of sunflower meal is the high levels of methionine present in it, which, if mixed with other meals, can be effective in producing higher quality and more effective feed and livestock feed.

Sunflower meal in dairy cows

One of the special applications of Sunflower Meal is its use in dairy cows. The research has shown that the use of sunflower oil in the diet of dairy cows, along with soybean meal, has led to an increase in milk production and a more complete source of absorbable protein than soybean meal alone in the diet.

In addition, sunflower oil can be used in the diet of broiler chickens. Obviously, if the lysine source of sunflower meal is supplied in the diet of laying hens, it can easily be replaced by soymeal in diets and, given the comparison of the price of these two products in the market, can be used as an alternative and appropriate alternative. Be considered.

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