About Company

Khavaran Seed Growl, taking into account 25 years of history, has been producing and trading for a quarter of a century. Khavaran seed growers were first established in the city of Neyshabur, the Baharan East Oil Industries Company (producing raw oil and cottonseed meal) from 1994 to 2001. Since then, due to the independence of the stockholders of the livestock feed company and the growing seed of Khavaran, it has been managed by Hamid Hosseini in the industrial city of Binalood, Neyshabur, in the Khayyam industrial city of Khorasan. Has launched
The company employs 4000 square meters of land. Silo tanks for warehouses are built to make metal class structures that make up the vast majority of space use.
Today, fixed investments with large numbers, including land installations and machinery are one of the problems of manufacturing units. We have minimized this.
The factory has been licensed to produce 25,000 tons of annual production of feed and animal feed.

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Management: Hamid Hosseini